Sustainability initiatives

Several efforts have been made to minimize the environmental impact and carbon footprint of the 28th ISEE Annual Conference.

Lunches and refreshments

Only seasonal, Mediterranean food from regional producers will be provided, with a strong preference for vegetarian options. During lunches and refreshments, beverages will be served in glass bottles and cups. Tap water will be served as the main beverage during the conference. A prefabricated water house will be made available for conference participants to get fresh sparkling and natural water from local aqueducts. Water from all the fountains in the city is drinkable.

Conference material

Conference bags are durable and reusable, made entirely from recycled plastic materials produced under fair-trade conditions by REFUGEE ScArt – migrant art. Refugee ScArt is a humanitarian project funded by the Spiral Onlus Foundation and sponsored by the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) – Office South Europe. In a workshop space made available by Rome’s solid waste treatment company, refugees transform plastic waste materials into artistic fabric-like sheets which are then used to manufacture objects. Visit

Reusable water bottles/cups will be provided to all participants.

The organizing committee will reduce promotional material and encourages participants to collaborate in reducing paper waste by using the electronic version of the conference program which will be available on the website before the conference start date.

Certificates of attendance

Certificates will be sent via email, again minimizing the use of paper and printing.

Transportation to the conference social dinner

Buses from the Rome public transport service have been reserved for Friday evening to transport guests from the conference venue to the social evening venue, Villa Piccolomini. The meeting point will be communicated to participants during the conference. While in Rome, conference participants are encouraged to use public transport.

The most sustainable way of moving in Rome is by bicycle. Visit the map of the bike roads in Rome


The organizing committee recommends hotels and hostels in proximity to the conference and venues to reduce the transportation impact of the event.


Throughout the Conference, efforts will be adopted to ensure the minimization of waste production and the promotion of selective waste collection and recycling. The catering service follows an environment-friendly code.

Social activities

Among the social activities are some sporting events organized to promote physical fitness and wellness of conference participants. Visit

Social responsibility

We try to remove barriers to accessibility that can result from challenges and circumstances such as physical limitations (e.g. restricted mobility) and social differences (social status and nationality). Special passenger shuttles will be available for people with mobility problems to carry them to the Social event venue. The conference venue Auditorium Parco della Musica provides a special textured footpath for the blind or visually impaired that guides guests with special needs from the entrance to all the Rooms. Inside the venue, there are several tactile maps to guide guests to the different halls and the other places inside the building. Auditorium Parco della Musica supplies assistance for disabled people, staff members can escort them to the lifts and to the reserved seats (that are always placed close to the best rows).