Invited Speakers

Pietro (Pier) Alberto Bertazzi

Title: Industrial disasters: the Seveso accident and its 40-year legacy

Annette Peters

Title: Air Pollution Health Effects: What we know and what we should know

Donna Mergler

Title: Gender-based analysis of environmental factors

Andy Haines

Title: Facing the challenge of climate change-the prospects for health following the Paris agreement

Donna Vorhees

Title: What does the science behind hydraulic fracturing headlines tell us about health risk?

Joel Schwartz

Provisional Title: Causal inference in environmental epidemiology

Roel Vermeulen

Provisional Title: Exposome and Omics

Shira Kramer

Title: Taking Sides in the Courtroom: The Epidemiologist as Expert and Advocate

Rodolfo Saracci

Title: The hazards of hazard identification